WLR Build



The WLR from AGM Sportscars

I'm building one of  these, this is the Bees Knees, the dogs whatnots well I like it. I didn't want a '7' and Cobras  are common as muck, when I saw this I knew it was for me.

Long story short:- bought the kit, got the donor (Sierra Ghia 1.6), stripped the donor and skipped what I didn't want. I got a Rover V8 3.5 and gearbox cheap off the Internet and started putting everything together. After getting all the engine and gearbox in I discovered a set of Janspeed Turbo's again on the Internet for my engine. Plumbed it all in wired it all up and hey it works had to do a few mods here and there got hold of an electronic distributor and electric fuel pump. The main problem is that having carbs and turbos they all stick up in the air and this means power bulges all over the bonnet. This was achieved by putting in some extra scoops and then power bulging for the carbs and intake pipes ( and throttle linkage and alternator and dip stick) all in fibreglass.

Big hole cut out to clear the hardware                                            All formed out ready for fibreglass

Bloody thing looks like a Cyberman

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